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In 2018 the accounting and financial services of the Swedish branch of PwC became its own entity in the form of Aspia. Branding Aspia from the ground up with a strategic brand platform, logotype and brand language we took the essence of the company ‘growth through efficiency’ to visualise, dramatise and change peoples perceptions of an industry that is usually seen as mundane and that ‘end of the month’ task that no one looks forward to.

Aspia logo

The logotype is based on the Weaire-Phelan structure, the most efficient idealised foam to date, a foam that literally grows with optimal efficiency. Although the science behind it is rather complicated, the metaphor is a simple one when used to represent Aspias brand promise and the relationship to their clients as a partner.

Aspia structure hirachy
Aspia guidelines
Aspia rollups
aspia mobile app icons

Brand launch

Ahead of the launch of the new brand, Aspia organised a one day festival. The first half of the day being a conference, the second being a festival of music and good cheer. Here we had a little fun with the brand elements, accentuating the proportions of the patterns and being bold with the colours to give it that party feel.

Aspia name badges

Volt Stockholm
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102 67 Stockholm
+46 8 678 59 00

Nordic Volt
Sillemstraße 60A
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