Slow down!

Trends like slow cooking, slow training and slow fashion aren’t that new, but the planning department at Volt is now trying slow learning. How is that beneficial to the agency and our clients when time is our currency you may ask?
Well, just like in sports and with physical labour you need to find moments to lower the pace in order to perform in the long run. ‘Tempoväxla’ as you say in the good old (but surprisingly modern) Swedish Armed Forces. And it applies to us as well.

In this fast paced world that affects the way we live, work and play, we need to find room for longer thoughts and conversations. That’s why we have started a book club. It may sound old fashioned, and yes we do have cake at our meetings, but the truth is it has turned out to be a great way for us to refuel our busy brains and get inspired. Hopefully by the book itself but above all by each other. We all read the book with our own ‘glasses’ because we have different personalities, knowledge and experiences. In the conversation, we get access to each other’s perspective on the book and our own vision of the world and the people surrounding us widens.

Reading about communication in a book club has more advantages than that. Theories of communication often raise more questions than answers and there is seldom one truth to rule them all, despite the author’s intent. By summarizing each part we read, we get a common picture of what the book wants to convey – or what we want it to convey. And finally, the peer pressure that comes with a book club has improved the group’s CTC (the just-made-up-measurement of Cover to Cover) by surely a billion percent.
We know that this won’t give us any nice certificates or diplomas but it helps us moving forward one page at a time. So, how do you work with organizational learning and group development?

Cornelia Wangel, Head of Planning

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