Set distinguishable and measureable goals with the clients before launching. Insider tips from 100-wattaren from Jörgen Berglund

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – one of my all time favourite songs. It’s also the only song I’ve had as my ringtone, all the way from Nokia 6510 to iPhone 8 Plus. The song is from the album “The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths, written by the singer Steven Morrissey (and Johnny Marr, to be exact). Since the band called it quits in 1987, Morrissey had a successful solo career with many big hits, sold out world tours and dedicated fans. That was until he expressed his extreme far-right views, resulting in boycotting fans and cancelled tours due to low ticket sales.

Which brings me to Svenska Annonsörers Advertising competition 100-wattaren, rewarding creativity with proven effect. Do good and enjoy the effects or do bad and suffer the effects.

This year I was a part of the jury for the first time and I was in the International category, reviewing cases aimed at an international market. Together with nine business colleagues, we hid behind closed doors to discuss, praise, question and vote, constantly coming back to the difference between effect and efficiency. If an image has been shared a million times – is it an efficient campaign, or a campaign with good effect? I think Mats Rönne nailed it when he said “Effects are about influencing my business’ profitability, to do the right things. Efficiency is more about using the available resources in a smart way, to do things right”. So, after these informative and exciting days as a juror, I leave you with three insider tips:

1. Set distinguishable and measureable goals with the clients before launching.
2. Shares, likes and reached goals are great. But you still need a great idea.
3. Showcase both the amount of shares and likes, but also how it affected the brand or product in the end.

Now it’s time for me to find a new ringtone, I wonder if I can find “Krossa Rasismen” with The Latin Kings somewhere?

/Jörgen Berglund, Creative Director

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