“If your solution isn’t relevant, it won’t do the job”

The average person comes in contact with an ever increasing amount of brands every year, which means the opportunity to make an impression becomes increasingly smaller.

Brand recognition is something that is built over a number of months or years which means, as creatives we cannot be changing our minds too often when it comes to look and feel. It is important that every single point of contact the viewer makes, from one month to the next, with a specific brand is a familiar one.

One of the advantages here at Volt is that strong design and communication competence flourish under the same roof. We develop and strengthen strategic design together with creative communication platforms, ensuring durable and flexible concepts where nothing is left to chance. That way we establish ‘successful’ brand building by conforming to a unified look, tone and feel over time without becoming repetitive or predictable.

Because the thing is this: Design is more than just choosing a fancy colour palette and a nice looking font. The springboard should always be the brand’s values, interpreting business strategy, diving deep to get a clear understanding of the target audience, their expectations and needs and then transforming it into to a visual expression. Otherwise your solution isn’t relevant, and won’t do the job. It’s only when you manage to visually express the very core of a brand’s identity, making that core mean something to the viewers and not only to your creative team, that you have truly succeeded. The deep understanding and collaboration between design, strategy and communication at Volt raises the bar for each delivery, turning it into a long term reward for our clients, their clients and ourselves.

Helena Leach, Creative Director of Design
Matt Squire, Head of Design

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