Happy to announce…

… That Volt now has a junior designer. Welcome Kevin Gibba Olsson! He’s already a part of the team and work with clients such as Synoptik och Lidl. But who’s Kevin? Well, read this!

Can you tell us something about yourself we didn’t already know?

It’s a tough one, but I guess not everyone knows so much about me since we have been working remote for quite a while now. I’m an avid music listener and I’ve actually began recording some music myself, it’s an area I’ve explored when I was younger and picked up on again. Whilst I’m listening to music, I like to paint but also sketch mode such as sneakers and clothing, so maybe in a while you shall see some of them.

What’s the first thing you’ll do when the panademic is over?

Wow the pandemic has been an eye opener, I learnt to appreciate the little things a lot such as my family and friends. I think once this is all over, I would like to go to social places such as clubs or cinemas without needing to feel restricted. But really just being able to socialize with people again, the digital life doesn’t make up for those real-life stimulations.

What’s the best thing about being a designer?

I like this question, I think the best thing about working as a designer is that it’s so broad you don’t really ever feel narrowed, I feel that as a designer you are involved in making the touchpoints which define a brand, you are able to bring a vision to life. I feel that every designer brings their own perspective to things and having a multicultural background allows me to bring my perspective into my design. I feel that design is an ever-growing field and it’s not only being recognized in businesses but also its role in shaping society, it’s exciting to be a part of this field.

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