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The Crew

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  • Alexandra Arvidson


  • Sofia Austern Björkman


  • Jörgen Berglund

    Creative Director / Art Director

  • Erika Borg

    Account Manager / Assistant

  • Ursula Borg

    CFO / Account Director

  • Jonas Brodén

    Account Director

  • Sara Böttiger


  • Toni Donnelly

    Account Director

  • Ludvig Ehrenstråhle

    Art Director

  • Jacob Eklöf


  • Daniel Eriksson

    Final Art / Motion Designer

  • Elisabet Fischer

    Creative Director / Copywriter

  • Victor Forsberg

    Account Manager

  • Kevin Gibba Olsson

    Junior Designer

  • Lisa Granberg Gille

    Art Director

  • Susanne Göthberg

    Head of Account Management

  • Viveka Hilding

    Account Manager

  • Christian Jörgensen

    Art Director

  • Sandra Kaludjercic Bergman

    COO / Account Director

  • Staffan Kjellvestad


  • Michael Lee Bjerkö

    Design Director

  • Helena Lindkvist

    Final Art

  • Anton Lipovskoy

    Digital Producer

  • Linda Lyberg

    Office Manager

  • Fabian Mannheimer

    Head of Film / Agency Producer

  • Jenny Meckbach Sehlstedt

    Account Director

  • Rojan Munthe

    Art Director

  • Arvid Nittve


  • Joakim Ohlsson

    PR Manager

  • Jan Sjöberg

    Visualizer / Illustrator

  • Helena Sjökvist


  • Samuel Skwarski

    PR Creative

  • Henrik Stampe

    CEO / Strategist

  • Åsa Stjärnquist

    Head of Studio

  • Nora Strömberg


  • Johan Sundberg


  • Susanna Svedjeholm

    Account Manager

  • Henrik Toftling

    Account Director

  • Jessica Troedson

    Account Director

  • Simón Jesus Ubeira

    Motion Designer

  • Cornelia Wangel


  • Kristoffer Wernald


  • Sarah Österhed

    Digital Producer

Volt Stockholm
Södermannagatan 15
Box 4303
102 67 Stockholm
+46 8 678 59 00

Nordic Volt
Sillemstraße 60A
20257 Hamburg
+49 170 7495356



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We are an independent creative agency based in Stockholm. We move brands and people by developing and implementing strategies, communication and design concepts.

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