What we do

Volt is an independent creative ad agency working with everything from crunchy crackers to renewable energy. Together with our clients, we build long-term communication strategies and strong concepts, with our eyes fixed on one goal: creating simple yet insightful communication that bring people and brands closer together.

How we do it

We are a bit obsessed with finding the core in the brands we work with. Because all efficient advertising, that manages to hold over time and in different channels, have something in common: a clear, basic idea which all communication is based upon. We call this a unifying idea – a bearing idea working as a compass and a beacon in all the communicative work – from customer service to films to recruitment ads.

Us who do it

Volt consists of about 50 people working with creation, strategy, account directing, account managing, PR, film, design, and economics/reception. Either from home office or in a small, yellow house on Södermannagatan 15. Our vision is to be the best agency to work with, and the best agency to work at. We take our employer liability very seriously and put great value in our family atmosphere and thoughtful culture. That is why we are incredibly proud for being named Employer of the Year 2021 in the industry study Årets byrå (Agency of the year).

Our responsibility

Sustainability is rarely associated with the advertising business. But it’s as essential here as it is everywhere. At Volt, we incorporate sustainability in everything we do, in all forms. Here’s a summary of the steps we’ve taken this far:

In 2022, Volt signed The Clean Creatives pledge, which commits agencies, creatives, and strategists to refuse any future contracts with fossil fuel companies, trade associations, or front groups. We also say “Thanks but no thanks” to advertising assignments for fossil-fueled cars.

In May 2021, we adopted a strict environmental and climate policy, intending to be 100 % sustainable by 2030. It also includes an action plan written together with the sustainability consultant firm Husstainability. Our goal is to minimize the harmful effects on the environment caused by our daily operations:

1. Our client list and the solutions we deliver. 

2. Our choices of partnerships and subcontractors.

3. Our own operation within the agency. 

Within the area of financial sustainability, we work hard to use, nurture and maintain resources, both human and material. We do it by reusing and recycling everything in the office and implementing long-term commitments like collective agreements, weekly resource planning, rotating IT equipment, and much more.

In January 2021, we introduced our collective agreement, which is unusual in our business but highly important. We’ve obviously worked actively with prevention and equal treatment for much longer than that; all employees should have the same opportunities, rights, and obligations. We ensure every employee at Volt can combine work and family time and are treated equally, while our yearly payroll mapping ensures our salaries are fair and equal. 


We don’t focus on a specific industry, a particular type of solution or channel. What our clients have in common is a willingness to push their brand and target audience by creating engaging communication, design and activities.

Volt Stockholm
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We are an independent creative agency based in Stockholm. We move brands and people by developing and implementing strategies, communication and design concepts.

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