Polarbröd – Ovanligt gott

Polarbröd is a family company with deep roots in the northern culture of Sweden, and the traditional art of baking. Polarbröd’s vision is to provide delicious bread without leaving environmental footprints. Sustainability is and have always been high on their agenda, which for example has resulted in their own wind power park and a collaboration with Lantmännen for a more sustainable production of flour.

Polarbröd chose Volt as their lead agency in June 2013. With their business and sustainability strategy as an anchor, out mission was to develop a brand and communication strategy combining the tasty bread with a clear focus on sustainability. A challenging and extensive job, since consumer’s driving forces when it comes to bread isn’t ruled by environmental concern, and it’s a very competitive market. The goodness of bread has to be in focus, and the sustainability focus must be communicated on the consumer’s terms.

Södermannagatan 15
Box 4303
102 67 Stockholm

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