• 2017.06.26
    The average person comes in contact with an ever increasing amount of brands every year, which means the opportunity to make an impression becomes increasingly smaller. Brand recognition is something that is built over a number of months or years … Read more
  • 2017.05.19
    We can’t think of a better way to start the weekend! D&AD is considered one of the most prestigious and difficult to win awards. And we won. A Wood Pencil is the D&AD version of bronze, and we are awfully … Read more
  • 2017.05.09
    Say hey to Daniel Jakobsson & Jonna Liljendahl! Jonna is an account manager extraordinaire joining us from McCann, while Daniel is a copywriter joining us from from Saatchi & Saatchi. Fun trivia: Daniel is originally from the north and a pure … Read more
  • 2017.05.05
    Well, at last night’s award ceremony Guldägget it was definitely the chicken. Then came the eggs, and it was all smiles at Volt’s two tables! Our amazingly talented art director Johanna was awarded “Kycklingstipendiet”, which recognises the brightest shining newcomers … Read more
  • 2017.03.24
    We’re very proud of the bronze we received at Guldnyckeln on Wednesday night with Sign Their Yearbook for NYAGV. And the good feeling lasted all the way to last night’s Guldäggsvernissage where our 5 nominations were revealed. An all time high … Read more
  • 2017.03.06
    When you visit Volt from now on, you’ll meet our new colleague straight away. Maria will be part time receptionist and part time studio assistant, which means she’ll know pretty much everything that goes on in our little house on Södermannagatan. Welcome … Read more