Volt is an independent creative agency.
And that's just for starters.

Volt is the sum of an entire building of visionaries, problem solvers, art buffs, design evangelists, storytellers, magic makers, tech wizards, trend spotters. Our mission is to move both brands and people in a desired direction that create measurable results.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that surround our clients, we help them explore brand opportunities by developing and implementing strategies, communication and design concepts. Sometimes separately, but more often as a powerful combination.

We love what we do and know that having fun at work makes all the difference. Especially for our clients.

Brand insight

With a strong focus on the consumer/customer perspective we identify trends, competitors, opinions, needs, behaviours and key drivers in the market. The results are used as a springboard for the brand strategy, the design and the communication. This analysis phase is a combination of rational thinking and creative intelligence.

Brand strategy

The purpose of the brand strategy is to define a long term, distinct and profitable brand position, with a clear value for the core target audience. Effective brand strategy provides a unifying idea around which all products, services, behaviour, actions and communication align. We can also adapt to and develop existing brand platforms, or include the development of brand architecture.

Design strategy

The design strategy rests upon the brand platform and serves as a brief for the conceptual design development. It also gives guidance to how design should develop over time, anticipating obstacles and identifying all touch points vital to position the brand and build a coherent and lasting consumer/customer experience.

Communication strategy

The communication strategy defines a long term plan for the brand communication aimed at all target groups, with the purpose of positioning the brand and increase loyalty by engaging target audiences, driving demand and strengthen the consumer/customer experience. A vital part of the communication strategy is the creative brief, the starting point for all conceptual creative work.

Creative concept

Creating strong and durable brand, design and communication concepts is at the heart of our expertise. Preferably as a powerful combination. The concept forms the creative foundation for the operative phase in our working model. It is a process that brings strategies to life on a conceptual level, giving a clear direction for the design and campaign development that follows.


The output ranges from creating and producing 360° advertising campaigns and content, innovative brand identities and platforms, to digital content and websites, design systems and packaging design with the support of visual guidelines and manuals. At this point, all output is ready to be implemented in all channels and touchpoints relevant to the target audience.


They might not mean much at all, or they might mean just about everything. Either way, we are very proud of our awards and honours.


We don’t focus on a specific industry, a particular type of solution or channel. What our clients have in common is a willingness to push their brand and target audience by creating engaging communication, design and activities.

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The Crew

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  • Maria Ahnlund

    Receptionist/Studio Assistant

  • Malin Almqvist

    Account Director

  • Karl Andersson

    Art Director

  • Jörn Arnell

    Innovation / Account Director

  • Jörgen Berglund

    Creative Director / Art Director

  • Gabriela Brandén

    Account Manager

  • Sandra Burman


  • Ursula Borg

    CFO / Account Director

  • Anton Blanck


  • Daniel Eriksson

    Final Art

  • Susanne Göthberg

    Head of Account Management

  • Daniel Jakobsson


  • Lars Jansson

    Art Director

  • Johanna Johansson

    Art Director

  • Christian Jörgensen

    Art Director

  • Hyo Lee


  • Michael Lee Bjerkö

    Senior Designer

  • Sandra Kaludjercic Bergman

    COO / Account Director

  • Staffan Kjellvestad


  • Martina Larsson

    Head of PR / PR Strategist

  • Helena Leach

    Creative Director Design

  • Jonna Liljendahl

    Account Manager

  • Anton Lipovskoy

    Digital Producer

  • Helena Lindkvist

    Final Art

  • Linda Lyberg

    Office Manager

  • Petter Nylind

    Creative Director / Copywriter

  • Lisa Peterson

    Account Manager

  • Camilla Ryttare

    Account Manager

  • Henrik Stampe

    CEO / Strategist

  • Per Sturesson

    Digital Producer

  • Caroline Sjöström

    Account Manager

  • Susanna Svedjeholm

    Account Manager

  • Johan Sundberg


  • Åsa Stjärnquist

    Head of Studio / Final Art

  • Matt Squire

    Design Director

  • Erica Thelin


  • Simón Jesus Ubeira

    Motion Designer

  • Kristoffer Wernald


  • Cornelia Wangel

    Head of Planning / Planner